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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

which of us to hate

sometimes the worst people die
and the wrong people live on and, the best
you can do is wonder which side you're on
if you find yourself lost in a faith you can't make
baby find your way out, to me - we'll be fate

yeah we make quite a picture and cut
quite a figure you leave me both breathless
and bloodless, I snigger
at what you meant so much, your eyes hurt
mine. your eyes hurt mine
your eyes hurt mine,

and if it was too late last time we met,
last time I said I'm sorry I couldn't quite get
what you meant, then - how late is it now?
It's just in time
it's just in time
your eyes hurt mine
your eyes hurt mine

and if I could sacrifice all that is worst in myself, why
I'd do it so gladly I'd pay you for sessions the rest of my life.
But you're not professional - you lack the distance, and I
am not patient

enough for my health. And I am not
patient enough for this life.

we don't know which of us to hate
worst, which of us to kill
first, each of us needs
help that's still
illegal in this state,
and we aren't even in this
state. but just in time
your eyes hurt mine
your eyes hurt mine
your eyes hurt mine

I'd rather die, than cause you pain
because, because, I'd rather die
anyway, but if you stay
I'll stay with you
I'll stay I'll
I'll stay, I'll stay, I
say I'll stay

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