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Sunday, December 23, 2012

sign this

there's a clipboard standing, staring, held firm
a well-dressed, clean-cut youngish person
who knows you're not compassionless, apathetic!
Reaching out to you, a chance: hey here come get it

So what are we signing our names to today?
Can you explain what this is, I mean - generally,
I know all the major issues in the world at large,
and all the threads hanging all their dangling lives by,
all the outrages, problems, horrors and flaws
and all of the causes set up, at least one for each cause
of each problem. (hell, sometimes
up to dozens for each!)

and victory, always plausibly within reach
if only we'll all throw ourselves into the breach
- since every single one has reached the crisis point,
and every single one cries out for action now!
And every single one of these is life and death
- so many threatened people who you've never met,
and never will. Sign this: to show that we care,

To show that we are fed up to here
with what we just heard about, now

from the earnest missionary in the heather colored hat.

Well thank you for explaining. Here you go.

That's that.

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