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but aren't they all random?

Friday, October 18, 2013

"Good Luck/Charm"

life is mysterious. destiny, ambiguous
fate is ambivalent. the possible - infinite
chance is a gamble. risk, we can handle

it's chaos and random - but we've got a hand in,
so here's to good health! here's looking at you,
kid you not - there is naught in this glass to regret
and let's drink to us now! it seems pretty much set,
I guess...

we can always get by on good luck and charm!
you can always rely on good luck and charm

kid you not - there is naught in this glass to regret
so let's drink to us now! toast to best laid plans
with our smiles awry, it seems pretty much set,
I guess...

we can always get by on good luck and charm!
you can always rely on good luck and charm

not a cloud in the sky to build castles upon,
and the landscape is ruined they've all fallen down
but it sure was a view from those turrets so high

we two, with our banners flung snap in the sky
and grinning like fools, on a cloud we called home
well, it's better to live on the ground (don't you know)
where things root, and can live, and can grow,
don't you know?

we can always get by on good luck and charm!
you can always rely on good luck and charm

It's better to live on the ground, isn't it?
"yes it most surely is," I'll exclaim 'til it fits,
"for the best!" And I guess, in the meantime, I guess...

we can always get by on good luck and charm!
you can always rely on good luck and charm

(bridge) the future is nice, I'm sure.
But you can't take it with you -
any future we can make now,
just won't hold up when it hits you

and I'm kind of done
with magic spells,
incantations, books and bells,
and prayers.

But I'm not worried though
I've got my good luck charm, you know


ring cycle 2

the promise, the appeal, rather than to be
the end user of a manufacturing process -
you are a runner in a relay, passing beauty
down the track towards a finish that will be reached -
again and again and again,

all in the course of a ring.

"Smoking 'til the ship comes in" (Or, "Last year's mantra, Revision No.4")

Lord, if I could get one wish I want to be your will for me on earth.

Lord, if I could get one more I want to be the best thing here, for her. But, lord

if I can't be that thing that I most want to be

for you,
just let me be whatever else I have to do

for I
am through

Monday, October 14, 2013

"rare note"

I am a poet of rare note. Like a bank note
that passed out of circulation obscure foreign governments ago,
and is known and prized, coveted jealously
by precisely six people - some of the most erudite, exclusive
and trivial numismatists in the world, except
that's coins, isn't it? In any case,
or pressed between pages, locked
in a safe, we poets of rare note
don't care so very much
about the difference between collectors.


I am in utter command

of my bowel movements.
I sleep at whim.
My erections
are inspirational, and voluntary.
Most people, they say, use 10 percent
of their brains. I use up to 20 percent, plus!

A whopping 60% of my own.

"Wild Time Museum"

She waits at the end of it all, the beginning
Sits fresh in her hands.
She lives where it ends
She knows where it ends
Exhibits stretch out in wings
to each side, the past
can't abide, the future
can't die; for the present,
pretend that it's wide open now
- That all of these clear, interlocking locked strands
don't somehow prevent everything but one end
to all this wild time

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A load of towels.

These things, when they're done
we can hang them out
and they'll dry in the air
but you know, for now -
they are clean, sopping wet
and perfect for this:
let's each choose our towel,
and we'll grab both ends,
and we'll give ten twists
'til the water wrings out and the tension snakes through,
and somebody's bare ass
is about to get whipped!

and I say it is going to be you.

You've a difference of opinion
on that score, though. And
we're not keeping score -
you're ahead, I know,
but it's all in fun! Or
at least, in play.
'Cause that's how we do that
every laundry day
all our clothes have been used up
anyhow, so we might as well
do it all in one swoop!

- but we'll do the towels
first. Always - always.
That's the method that works
each laundry day through.

If you do

Oh, and wtf do you mean "if"?
Let's not be disingenuous, here. Unless
we can be disingenues, of course
- We'll dress up in ironic gowns,
and waltz widdershins through
our own personal anti-cotillion,
which other people mistakenly refer to as
"the world and everything in it."

Save a dance for me, if you wish.
I've already begun, any time

you care to begin it.

inside that guy's head

got an arm off
eyes averted
used to it
dyed hair

both hands

just so you know
we're going to be having sex later
in my imagination



Nothing in life works or works out
as intended. This
is no indictment of life. It is
an indictment of intent.
Intentionality is no joke - cosmic
or otherwise, it is in deadly grim earnest an attempt
to meet reality more than half-way to our plan,
to our dreams, when

all our lives,
we know and see where
it really lies. We win, the day
we stop daunting life.

The day we give up - not dreams,
but dreaming. We will wake up,
on our own terms, and we will find

they apply.

Until that day, and every day,
we will die.

Which is not really so bad. These little deaths
kill nothing

but the life we never had.


Bad impulses should be cherished
as education, entertainment.
You should hang way back, detached
and laugh,
at the deliciously stupid act
that you are not fucking about

to do.

Some things you will never have

to take back

are more precious than things
that you will

safe word(s)

Discipline and restraint - not much to choose
these two virtues.

Are you trying to be so mean? I didn't think
you had it in you, at least
not for me

but I guess this is the role
you want to play. It's

not for me,

but baby what ever turns you on
that doesn't kill me, only
makes you strong - and

we need you strong.

I will hold out, until
you can't go

any longer this way.

At least I always know
what to say, if I have
to say, so

be that way.