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but aren't they all random?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

your down cause you can't take Jesus

Your down, 'cause you can't take Jesus! And most people
can't, but Jesus isn't after most people! He's after you
. Now sit up and pay heed to the call, chile! Your heart
has ears, don't they? That sweet saving grace that makes
repentant sinners of us all! Take ear and hear it, for
the call
only comes but once
and for the rest of your life! Your down
'cause you can't take

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

wash with waves

and the ocean tastes pretty bad
you know, but it always has
it always has.

The water is blood
of salt and silt, and
brackish plankton blooms
and billions of living polyps

drinking each others' waste
and shitting each others' food -
it's a closed system
bleeding out at every edge,
and it's clean to me - pure,
and good

I am going to sink in
to the wide, wet strip
where the tide goes out,
waiting patiently

I'll lay sinking in, an encrusted rock
to wash with waves
wash with waves

and I'll sink into sand and remain where I am
and wash with waves
wash with waves

foam scum on green
as the years rush in I will wear away
'til there's nothing left of me
but clean

shit-eating grin

Proud tongue, lie still
behind blank teeth
- while eyes conceal black depths of soul,
Bite back hard words -
blink back hard plans,
and swallow turds

cries for help

come on
cries for help don't count.

Get real


how serious do you want to get? Do you think
you can really wade all the way in?

It's a dare
it's a slight, it's a date
it's a bet

some sex

some sex makes love
sit up and beg, and
no two hearts ever sit quite
still, slipping over
each other like arm
and leg, in a

that was almost burst


bicycle built

leaning on the plywood wall
of your homemade garage,
shiny and new
under webs and dust
with spots of rust now, eating into
a bicycle built for two

well it serves you quite neatly,
apropos, even -
for something so hokey as hell!

No more fitting death knell
could you have devised
if you had tried

and the bow is still on the thing. Fitting
its handlebar bell's trigger
will never be pulled
back with a spring-load resistance,
jingling like an insipid party favor -


"This Much Love"

at home with you - a house of walls
alone with you - beyond recall
as we sit by ourselves, way too close to be touched
we take turns disappearing, take turns turning up
and the plans that we drew to fix everything wrong
you said you had the will,
but it's gone - you only want
this much love
much love
this much love
you only want this much love
this much love
much love

you only want love

(this much love)

I've tried to sift and measure out
expecting less - I cut it down
you prove your points and justify
until you're right - and so am I
and your eyes hold the threat and the promise as well
but you never make good on half what you sell
if there's only one way we'll agree, that's okay
I just wish I could see why it was
- you only want
this much love
much love
this much love
you only want this much love
this much love
much love

you only want love

(this much love)

and the nail in my head has been pounding itself
it's been so long since you had to hammer at all
I have tried to make do, I have come to your terms
I have learned what it's worth,
what I'm worth
what I've earned:
just this much love
much love
this much love
you only want this much love
this much love
much love

you only want love

this much love.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I really could use a friend right now
someone who isn't invisible
someone to sit and listen to
who'll make me believe we both are real
who'll make me believe I have free will
and that it would make a difference
and know I can take the world in stride
and know I could not take any less
and I have any number of friends like that!
just nobody near enough to guess

a new thing

There's a new thing
an entirely new thing
I've been trying to say lately
and failing miserably
but hey - maybe
can you see it in my eyes? Okay
tell me what it is,
slowly, so
I write it down.

a zombie

a zombie
is just a corpse who has starved back to life
but I don't want your brains, darling
only your heart
and all of your flesh,
and okay your brains as well
nothing goes to waste

I want to make all of you
one of me
just like I am now
mindless with need,
either that or
consume you entirely

I don't feel too well
I expect I don't look so good, either
especially to you! - so particular
have you always had
such exquisite taste?

and I never knew, oh
I probably guessed. But this
goes beyond confirmation
a suspicion come true

there is truth

it isn't as if

it isn't as if
I care
or you care
or anyone cares
or do they? I don't care
to ask, it isn't as if
we'd believe them anyway. It's as if
we decided to let the whole thing ride
on faith to the point of suicide
without caring much which way we die
over the cliff, or stalled
and starved
frozen, exposed
excruciate, slow


suffocate, now.
Then get up, and go.

Monday, August 22, 2011

going to scream

if I don't scream,
I'm going to scream
and either way: the
problem's solved,
I guess

but either way
starts trouble, too
I'm so sick of "explain myself"

I'm running out of one excuse

but it's the best
that I can do. It was only a dream
I woke up from, you
know what a shock
that can be,
my love

but either way, now -
it was only a dream
if I don't scream -

I'm going to scream.

some assembly

Let's take what we have left
and put this all together
into something that feels

so we can leave it here

as a monument to "us"
(whatever that is), or
as a warning to others?

Either way there's work:
the pieces have been strewn
all over the place,
and the persons and things involved
all feel very replaceable
by now


If I could,
I would pay myself to forget
how this feels. Unfortunately,
my heart doesn't take bribes.
I don't believe
anyone's can.

My brain takes bribes. If
you pay in drinks - soon
I can't comprehend why,
anymore. I forget whatever
I used to be willing to think.
Why I thought anything of this
could be a smart thing.

But it does no good, simply
to no longer understand

I forget why I loved you
but I remember that I love you.

a meditation

there is
nothing in my mind except
a shrinking circle
in a spreading void

blackness surrounds
and black encloses
and black is enclosed
as the circle grows

but the circle grows
only half as fast
as the darkness it can't quite grasp

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"The Rest Is A Lie"

We were pretty much always in trouble
and we pretty much never cared
we were pretty much always in love, enough -
we had courage enough to spare

At its worst you'd always burrow into my embrace
and I'd squeeze you as hard as life
at its best there wasn't anything I could say
to convey

That isn't all.
That isn't all I have to say to you -
but the rest is a lie, the rest
is a lie.

The rest is a lie.

That isn't all -
that isn't all I have to say to you!
But the rest is a lie.
The rest is a lie, and
I'm the only one fooled.

Now the universe is a burst bubble
and the earth's atmosphere has a crack
I can't even get across how it feels right now
without saying stupid shit like that
As if hurt has got to be so "poetic"
to make up for love that was not
but so what, no poems, arts or literatures
could depict us
not one jot

That isn't all.
That isn't all I have to say to you -
but the rest is a lie, the rest
is a lie.

The rest is a lie.

That isn't all -
that isn't all I have to say to you!
But the rest is a lie.
The rest is a lie, and
I'm the only one fooled.

I'm fooled - I could go on and on, beyond truth
tell you that it's too late to take you back
tell you that it's run out of juice -
but the earth's atmosphere's a burst bubble
and the universe has a crack -
and as much as I would love to tell a lie to you,
there's a million true things
that I can't take back

That isn't all.
That isn't all I have to say to you -
but the rest is a lie, the rest
is a lie.

The rest is a lie.

That isn't all -
that isn't all I have to say to you!
But the rest is a lie.
The rest is a lie, and
I'm the only one fooled.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

i kissed a girl because

I kissed a girl because
she was lonely and lovely
and needed kissin'. This
is the story of how
it all came about. She
came to me, and sat upon
a wall I myself had
been leaning upon all
afternoon. She said "upon
is one of my favorite words.
Please kiss me sir, for I am
lonely and need kissin.'" I said,
"lonely and lovely and need kissin',
I'd say." But at this

she sniffed, and turned her head.
"Fie upon your poetic corrections,
messire." My injured dignity shot back:
"go fie yourself! Fuck you
and your forced archaisms, bitch!" This
was perhaps an overreaction.
Then we kissed.

Tyrant: the Prequel

kindergarten's tough, and if
you are the second-fattest kid in class
according to miss bitch with pigtails
who can draw better than you,
and is so pleased with herself
she knows letters already (but
not what to do with them), you
shouldn't put too much stock in
what she says. Some people think
they can get so far ahead at the start
that it's going to matter later. Me,
I bide my time 'til recess comes.
Just past the clanging doors,
out from the inside dark,
moving now in a swarm of
kids running,

the sun suddenly stuns white hot
a flash of a world too-well lit, burned
to the backs of our eyes -
some squint, run, tumbling forward
all the faster -
I stop cold, and master
the situation.
I squeeze my eyes shut cool,
head craned back, looking up right
into the sun through red lids,
until the bright levels out.

I'm headed for the monkey bars! Over
by the baskets, there is a game of bats
vs. ghosts. The white lines on black asphalt
define the maze. It looks like the bats
have this one. I can see most of it -
I could see everything all around, but
most of it, I let pass without notice.
I'm not paying attention to the scurrying,
so far beneath me.

Sitting up here, at the top of this
cheerful half-dome of holes and red,
yellow, blue painted hollow iron bars,
I can - quite easily! - stomp
any encroaching fingers. Later
for cookie, triumphant swings of milk
and naps. Later

for pretending to learn to read. Later
for letting the world catch up, and pass by

if any of them cares to try.

again, with compassion

She walks like the stick up her ass
has become a source of pride. Hobbled
by heels that look like thick wicker stilts,
she's become comfortable at that height
I guess? But she looks so far from it!
Like a flightless bird,
ready to topple
as her shoulders begin to draw inward,
as if pulling in wings.
There's no wind.
She makes her way leaning forward,
her feet scuttling to catch up.
I gaze after her, and wish there could be some way
I could let her know
I could tell her that
despite this whole patronizing,
belittling series of observations
about her body
and walk,
I would totally, totally
do her

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

truth from this angle

Mirrors don't help us. Not
when we have to look with our own eyes,
which have seen it all, after all - and mostly
the bad part. From where you sit, it is hard
to see the best thing in the room. In your life. And
the people who love you, do
- and as much as you love them,
it's so easy to believe they're just
being nice.

Which is one thing I can't understand:
"We believe what we wish
to believe" - so we do! So why
do we wish to believe
the worst?