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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Raw Apple Pie

Raw Apple Pie
* apples, five - skinned and cut in chunks
* pie shell, graham cracker
* special caramel-apple sauce (see recipe in episode 2)
* pie crust dough (for top)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place raw
apple slices artfully

in the waiting shell,
drizzling liberally as you go

with special caramel-apple sauce
so that all pieces are unevenly coated,
but well-carameled.

Put the pie dough on top - strip
method if you wish, but I prefer
plunk it on, and a few slits in the top.

Place in oven - only just long
enough to cook the top to a golden brown. Remove
and serve immediately. Sticky,
crunch-apple-y, caramelly
goodness! When I say "smelly"

I mean the fresh, crisp scent and snap
of a raw, autumn ripe caramel apple!
They totally smell. It's subtler
than the hot, softened baked apple
full aroma, but it's a distinct
and delicious smell.

Serving suggestion: with a tall cold glass
of milk. After each pie bite, take a big cold swig, look
at the other person and say "APPLE MILK!! EW!!!!!"
take turns, repeat, until dissolve
into giggles.

End of recipe.

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