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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I keep, too

I see you alone
I see you're alone
I have never had much use for people myself
they let you, basically, down
when you don't know what you wanted from them
and they didn't know what you came here for
it's so easy to take your ball
and go

so that's what I keep, too
I could keep two
I keep to myself
that's what I've been keeping, too
been keeping to
myself, as well,

and well, I get this sense of you
I know I haven't seen you once
in my entire hopeless life
but I would like to, once again
and if you ever look my way
I swore I saw you do, just then
the second before you got up
and left, I didn't follow
I couldn't see the sense of it
justifications didn't fit

I couldn't, it was not
it would
be kind of hard

to stop,
and halt
if you were out there by the door
on the sidewalk, explain
why I was too, because

that isn't what I do, I keep
to what I could, within reason
explain, I keep it
to myself,
I keep it to
myself, I think


I caught a glimpse
that that's what you
keep to as well
and I've been keeping, too
been keeping to

it's hell


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