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Monday, August 05, 2013

the Sick

you feel the sick a long way off
you both have swallowed something bad
you eye each other easily, uneasily
both seeing in the other's eyes
the doubt and panic you have had
for too long, now.

Both wishing you could skip ahead,
skip past the worst, inevitable

It was delicious going down
The sweetest truths, you swallowed whole
they looked so good - just what you want!
you told each other wonderful,
amazing things. You each said what
you want to hear, and got in turn -
well, everything. To quell the fear -

Oh, this will sting, and this will burn,
and this will hurt.

And can't we just skip past this part?
Or can't this feeling go away?
And leave us back again, the way
that we both felt - for such a lovely while,
at least, it sat so well.

The sweetest truths, you swallowed whole -
but now you feel it rising up
oh, this will not be pleasant, no
you felt the sick a long way off

And soon will come inevitable
for too long now you've felt unwell
to stand it much if any more

you know how bad it's going to feel
you wish you could skip past this part
you've both felt this, been here before
and isn't this the very worst?

you both lie still, try not to move
and keep your breathing deep and calm,
and keep your heart from beating hard,
and keep the sick from rising up,
and keep the sweat from breaking warm,
and keep your mouth

shut. Oh


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