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Friday, August 02, 2013

An Apology Too Far

It was fucked up of me to love you so much.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I know that now. Too late but
now I know, I can see what I did and
what it did to us was fucked up. Me,
loving you that much, it would buckle
any one trying to love under the strain,
I don't blame you for giving up, pushing
away, living your life and deciding
what you need in a relationship
purely in terms of what you see fit, it's
fucked up how much more I loved you. And
it ruined our chance together. I can see it
now: I can see what I did


Damn, girl if I could only have that chance
back, I
would love you like

half as much, see if that makes
a difference
I bet it would! I was just

so fucked up

by how much I loved you. Oh baby,
how could not I love you
so much and be so blind, not to see
how I fucked up -

Can you forgive me?
I mean yeah, you know, be friends
and shit.

I won't love you nearly
as much, friends - maybe you could
try it, and I will try too? Baby,
I will try harder than any other friend
you ever had in the universe tried,

just to be your friend!
How fucked up is that
after all we've been through?


I'll probably be sorry about that,
too, next.

You tell me, baby

you call the shots. It's all for you
isn't it baby? All for you

How much love do you want?
How hard do you want me to try?
It's all for you, you
tell me. I don't have to

push it all the way
to "fucked up," my scale
does have a dial
on it, you know.

I myself tend to prefer the limit,
but now, knowing how fucked up
that was for you, how fucked up
you found it to be, of course
I can more than modulate that shit!

Just let me know huh? Okay baby?

It's a little fucked up, how much
I want to make this work
baby. Oh yeah,
as friends I mean
you know I do.
best friends

maybe someday

best friends

how about you? Baby,
did you fuck up too?

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