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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Keep the pressure on,
keep the message strong,
shine the brightest light on the real true ugliness
stake the strongest possible claim on the human rights
and what's wrong with the rights of the individual? - which
apply to ALL, and give
people as much truth on the topic
as you can, give
people as much information
as you can confront ignorance
with, wherever it rears its blissful head, put out
education - PSAs, viral videos, racism
resource websites, whatever options
there are should be used,

not just schools. There are plenty
of died-in-the-wool ignorant
racists. And maybe
you can't reach those.

But there are also many
still questioning, still formative,
still leaning and learning which ways it goes?
in their community and in their orbit,
there are many who are suffocated by
bigoted attitudes, and are reaching
for more answers they can use to oppose.
Maybe some racists are unreachable, sure!
But most people who ask a question
will respond to truth, and most people
will recoil from the ugliness they see,
if shown. We've got to knock opportunity up,
keep the focus steady, undeniable on the problem,
because there is one.

has lost so much ground in this country,
because with more and more light on the truth
of the problem, it gets harder
and harder
for a real racist, devoted,
to reach someone and spread their sick message.
You can't sell that bill of goods
to someone who already knows better.
And more and more people do.

Sometimes a racist can't even keep their kids
indoctrinated - plenty of people with racist parents
have rejected that. Embarrassed of mom and dad: and they
should be.

Racism now

thrives in the dark corners, reduced to a sticky fringe,
spread mostly among and by malcontents. People who can't
fucking hack it in this world, always looking for some Other
to blame. Oh,

There's still an awful lot of racism
in the game. Honestly, I'd be delighted
to be proved wrong about this, but -
I don't consider it a finally soluble problem. Racism.
I fear people
will always seize
on difference as a means

to divide and exploit.

But we can root out most of it
from the mainstream. Of course, we can
we can force it to exist in the shadows
of a world that in general is well-lit,
a world where in general, racism
is acknowledged as a continuing problem
and almost universally, people will not tolerate it.

Intolerance towards contempt for humanity is no sin.

And that's my goal, and I'd like everybody in
- but we're not there yet, by any means. For now
it's our daily duty to combat ignorance and bigotry -
joyfully, where we can! - to end it is a beautiful
dream, but dig in with both hands, support those
trying to free themselves from its tendrils,
laugh if you have to, if you can
so you don't have to scream, and, well

Keep it up, people. Incremental

We got this: every bit according to plan

(unfortunately, the only one we've found) - it's working

as slow
and as sure
as it seems.

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