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Saturday, August 24, 2013

agreeing, at least

agreeing, at least
to disagree

is what you're after. What you've asked - can we?

When I was born,
or when I realized I had been, at least
(and all that that entailed), I agreed
to disagree with the universe.

Or anyway I agreed with myself
that I disagree with the universe.

So we're already there!
On every point. Let's start from there!
Start from disagreement, nothing
acrimonious mind you just an acknowledgment
that we came from widely separated places,
along broadly divergent paths past
widely different views

to get here.

Why should we assume agreement
at the outset? We probably don't agree,
and this is fine. The difference between
persons should be a source of fresh wonder, daily!
- not chagrin. So let us assume we disagree!
From the outset, and then - come to agreement
wherever we happen to, happily, every chance
we get to do it truly.

No one ever needs a new,
fresh agreement with me,
to disagree.

That's a given when you walk in. And welcome!
It's a welcome place, isn't it? This one?
The universe, I mean. Well I think so anyway.
I wasn't expecting agreement on it!

I think not expecting agreement
from the universe is the one single key
to feeling welcome within it. A natural
part of it.

Of course,
anyone is 100% welcome and free to agree
with me as well - on any point!

They don't need my agreement for that, either.
They don't need my permission.

It would simply be a fact
of their agreement with a point that I
also hold. Agreement with me is not the issue.
They happen to agree with that point.


If any point is true, it wasn't because I held it.

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