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Friday, August 02, 2013

the Buddha said, "Hey

It is said that
the Buddha said, "Hey,
a lot of you people are suffering
for no reason but check it out,

you don't have to be a fucking orgiastic sex
predator glutton hedonist
disregarding all beings and things
except your own pleasure

in order to take in each moment,
what this life has to offer,
participate fully in it, and enjoy
it. And

you also don't need to be a total
renunciant, sitting unbathed in a cave
eating dust grubs
and stinking up the place
in your one soiled cloth
that you wear just in case
anyone stops by to ask
for whatever wisdom you have

just to avoid becoming ensnared
in needless and painful attachment.

You don't need to lose yourself, in one
or the other extreme, holmes. There's
a middle way, check it out it's called

The Middle Way.

Grow up you fucking pansy. Quit
seeing everything so extreme,
it's just a long flow of ever-shifting
nuance, in a stream that runs through all
up in this which you call existence,
and which I call - a dream."

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