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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Being able to say

Look. Being able to say
"I know a thing"
has no practical use!
No value at all - and
I don't mind if it is
unprovable. I don't ever
get to the point where I'd need
to do it. To make such a
useless declaration as to say
"I know a thing,"

let alone "prove it."

I would only need to say
(to myself, no quotes now,
not out loud) I know
I want to do this thing,
and I know how to do this
thing, and now's a good time
for me, and do it. Is there,
here, at any point,
a burden of proof?

If it's something I know
I can do, it's nothing
I need to prove - just
decide. Do or do not, there is
no try,

said Yoda - but I do.
I don't mind telling you
I don't mind. I don't mind
trying. Even when I don't know why
I try, even if I'm not one
hundred per cent sure I know how
to go about it, sometimes
I decide, and I look, and look!
I see an angle in! - and I just
try, and you'd be surprised
how well it works. So anyway,

I've got nothing to prove.

Burden of proof's on the universe.

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