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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

favorite themes

Anyone who's ever heard me begin this sentence knows
I have no idea why kids today have to wear these kinds
of clothes, or why the language has to look like that
- or what it's all coming too, spending time staring
at screens of all sizes from tiny to doublewide, finding
something worth wasting all that time on, on the other side

at least, I hope so. And everyone dating and marrying
strangers off the internet, well, traditional love
dies hard I guess. I can't see it yet, but everyone
who's ever heard me start this sentence knows
what's coming next. I've got a bet on the books,
and the odds are pretty strange that tomorrow,
whether you like it or not, is here - and
from now on in, that's never going to change.

I guess it's just my comfort level
that keeps me bringing up these same
things, in the same words, in the same
bled weary uncomprehending tone of voice,
but anyone who's ever been near me knows
that it's never going to change I have
no choice.

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