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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

completely without filter or restraint

You know I'm not
completely without filter or restraint
You know I'm not
for instance I almost never
comment on your appearance by saying, approvingly
"hubba hubba"
- even though by any sane measure,
such praise would be pure understatement.

And then I became distracted.
I was about to say some ridiculously elaborate
remarks about your being -
you know,

a very attractive person.

And then I was like: hey man, #1 you told her
that before, right?
Or words to that effect,
Either she knows already,
or she doesn't trust
your opinion, and don't call me
Shirley - #2, I realized
that what I specifically almost said
was woeful understatement, yet
I couldn't quite figure out

how to adjust it to accurate.

it being pretty rudely inappropriate.

It's a fine line,
even as the line you cut through this world is fine.
Anyway, the point is, you know

You know. I am not completely without
filter, or restraint.

You know I'm not.

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