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Thursday, August 29, 2013

On Drawing You A Picture

I will totally do it.
There is value to doing it
- I am not afraid of stirring worm's nests, I think
there is always value to clarity!

I do need a check, though, sometimes. Sometimes
my version of exploring clarity
lays bare more the avenues of my own stupid mind
than it does actual clarity.

However, in pictoral form, when I can express it,
I've found this is not so!
In pictorial form,
I can be entirely clear. Given a check.
You all are mine. My check. Pictorially -
look, there's a reason I was a fine
arts painting major
not an English major. It wasn't
like the fucking Lit Prof team
didn't try to convert me
- but I am better at art.



All of you, just by how bad
I make my meaning felt via English
can probably, possibly
attest to THAT
shit already.
Can't you?

I bet you can.

My pictures are pithy!

Get ready
for a stick-figure

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