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Thursday, July 25, 2013

twist on principle

The only people I love on principle are enemies. Everyone
else, get in line I need to know you first. Right?
Can't love
without the facts and the act that I know you! Right?
Except for enemies, of course, beloved on principle
- and we can make that exception, can we not? Why
not? It benefits everyone, really. Enemies,
I'd rather not know them, to be honest -
might help me love them better. Everyone
else, the reverse is true:
I'd rather know them, get to know them,
in order that I love. The better to
see you, my dear! And me
- speaking as a far stronger Christian
than you are you sick fuck, I will tell
you my love for you

is just about

as unconditional as a knuckle sandwich.
Did you think it was going to suck? Well,
blow me. You'll learn; once you get to
know me you'll knuckle under, recognize
the deep sincerity and sweet humility that
underlie without undermining my brash arrogance
and charm. Founded as they are
upon the permanent ideals
of love, the equal dignity of all
top-of-the-ecosystem-chain sentient
beings, and the natural solidarity
that unites us each in our shared
isolation, our alienation, in
our suffering, which no one but I

will ever understand. Or in your case,
you, of course.

Good luck with that. Friend, I don't love you
yet, but I look forward


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