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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gil's Fancy Restaurant

Girl, let's you and us go out tonite
to Gil's Fancy Restaurant! We know
we'll drink way too much chardonnay, but that's okay
- Wednesday's cheap whites night at Gil's Fancy. You know
they know us there anyhow.

You can have the chicken cheese
casserole, or whatever you wish - you
can even have the new york steak if you
want, you know I will for those fries alone!
Can't get those kind at Charby's. Gil's
Fancy steak fries, girl.
It's the seasonings.


and me are overdue
for one of our special evenings, and
you know how all those turn out. Oh
yes, let's yes let's! And you know, girl
Gil's Fancy always does what it takes
to set that tone.

They'll light the candle globe for us,
it's like a religious ceremony how holy
that is. When they turn the lights down
at Gil's, and let the candle shine in our eyes. Shit,
I might as well marry you now,
that's how I feel. Here comes the free bread.

I don't know how
come we don't come here every night, apart
from us being a little bit
out of work. Well

let's you and us forget all that, troubles
can take a vacation for one night. Tonight
it might as well be gay paree in here at Gil's Fancy,
you and me, the candle globe and the tablecloth,
and here comes our new york steaks. Oh,
those Gil's Fancy seasoned french fries!

It's evenings like this
with you
that drive me speechless , baby doll. Picturing
whatever's in your imagination for later, hoo! But let's
live now, though.
You and me,
here we are.
Let's spend this moment.
Chew fries, and look at each other's eyes...

Damn, you know? I love you, you
you fucking hot-stuff woman thing you! Why
don't you make yourself an honest man,
for once in your life, some time? I
could be that guy easy, you'd be

Is that cilantro in this soup or what?

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