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Monday, July 22, 2013

Despair's a

Despair's a constant.
And none of us can help each other through it,
except by being here:

a constant,

to come back to

the one good thing in the world
to smother us in
when we're through with despair

for the moment, at least -
a moment, a breath!

a moment's respite,
when we're through
with despair, we'll surface to see
all the good things in the world,
to come back to:
all the people in the world
to come back to,

'til despair takes hold

again, we know
it will: we know, but
we'll know it's through
the moment that we
are through with despair,

there are good things in the world
to come back to.

That's how all of we
can help me through,

and that's how all of you
can help us most. Despair,
it's nothing: stained glass, a ghost
light could shine straight through it
if we could see, but we can't see

in the moment that we

It's true, but still we'll be there
to come back to, the moment that you

are through with despair

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