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Friday, July 12, 2013

Always Writing Apologies: Sample Note #1

My apologies - and please
convey to her as well! -
for subjecting you to
that rum talk yestereve,
dude. You're quite right -

no man knows how to parent a child
until he has parented a child. Nonsense
of me to give any other impression. Heck,
I'll take it one step farther: no one knows
how to parent any child who hasn't parented
THAT child.

Don't worry, I'm not worried
I offended you - it's pretty clear
in all your dealings, you've got store
of good humor and tolerance. But
any time I wake up wiser,
due to the prior night's talk sinking in -

wiser enough to say "hey self, kind of an ass
on that one point last night" - I like
to give a prop or two to the one
who helped me up to that view.

it is always educational jawing with you.
Good morning and may you and yours enjoy
this gorgeousness.

Yours In Christ,

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