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Saturday, July 13, 2013

sexy you are

sexy you are

It doesn't matter how sexy you are

I mean, I guess
you probably thought
it does matter.

to be the one
to break it to you: nope. I mean
sure, it matters on some scale, at some
human level
where things like that are all we think about, or
are all some people think about. Good people
- no disparagement intended! In a lot of ways,

their priorities are dead-on
on that.

"sexy you are Pt.2"

But in the global scope, on a cosmic scale
fuck, come on, no sorry Catherine
it does not really matter at that bottom fundamental
realitywidemost level
how sexy you are.

It just

Because all over the world, birds
are being born or on outer space planets,
they may have their aliens
or what have you - there's a family of three
mom dad and daughter in a Chinese village
right now! And none of them

have seen

the sweet swell of your breasts, or the rounded,
bouncy smooth curve of awe your behind inspires, and
probably, they never will! They will almost certainly not
get the chance to touch it. To rub
that unearthly smooth spot where an angel's caress must
have left
your right
and blessed
as angel's flesh, one spot
in this redeemably corrupt material world
where the warm soft perfect surface of heaven
has come to rest, on the body of an otherwise
very earthly girl.


does your sexiness matter to little Lu Hui?
her factoryworker mom, and her stay-at-home
invalid pops?

Will the spell your fuck-hot eyes can cast
on most anyone whose gaze you hold
put even one more mouthful of rice in her bowl?

Cat, you're kidding yourself

if you think the answer is "yes" to that question.
So on the scope of things, why
should they care about how hot you are?

Why should the world care?

I'll tell you why.

Because anyone who comes across you
knows better.
They learn - with a shock,
or with pleasant surprise, or some
lucky ones, perhaps, with merely a firm
confirmation of what they'd always
believed in - all

those whose path you cross
learn full force and at once,
undeniably, what loveliness is
and means to this world.

who never get to meet you? - okay,
perhaps they don't get anything from your sexiness.

But everyone who bears witness gets in return: a world
made new. A world
with a thing like you in it, a world
where they now know
and forevermore despite depths of despair can't deny
at any moment, a thing like yours
can sashay out of nowhere,
to force these words from their grateful mouths:

you sexy thing,
I believe in miracles, now.
Where you from?

"sexy you are Pt.3"

You are from life. You are from reality, and prove it
good. You're a walking
advertisement for the goodness
and abundance this life, this
reality, this universe holds - and you

are a warning as well, to those
false souls,
who would sell the worst case scenario,
heavy as lead, as if it were gold,
and should be banked
on. Those

who would give up.
Or who counsel others to give in, to say
life sucks,
or is "bad." Wrong
is what your presence proves,
to every such case made in ignorance of you.

And that's important. The fact that at any point
you are a threat. With no fair warning, you appear
in the way and - insousciant, nonchalant, blissfully
unaware, maybe - the apparition of you lays waste to each liar
who says this place falls short

of truth, or beauty, your random appearance on the way through
puts all those fools on notice, calls their bullshit to account,
and settles it: decisively, in all of our favor, all with just a flick
and a glimpse

of all of your favors. That's how it matters
how sexy you are, Cat. To the top of the grandest
galactic scale, it matters what you do, and what
a person like you symbolizes and implies
about life at large.
specifically you,
make life's good a thing undeniable.
Just by putting in appearance, you are living proof.
You put good into the fabric of time and space, good
that could not have been put at all, except
exactly how you put it.

That's why it matters how sexy you are.

If you thought it didn't, well, "sorry."

Not sorry at all,