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Thursday, July 25, 2013

"telling difference"

I know that it's love, cause
you can't believe you're in love,
if you're not in love. When I say your name
and I say that I love you it feels
like rain cools my head, and it clears
my eyes; it feels so good
that there's nothing I'd rather do
instead, and it's not a lie. And
there is no why, just
how it feels.

It's the difference between how it feels,
then, and how it's going to feel now. Because
what's gone is gone, what's done is
never going to finish hitting home, oh
we're drawing plans for the rest
of our lives, without the compass
we used to use to guess directions,
to forge forward, strike light from rock,
water from a well - maybe find
a lucky penny or tools
to use. The right tools for the right jobs
have been mislaid, somehow. How do we tell,
now - magnetic wrong from magnetic
right, tell the time of day - how many hours
'til now do us part? Well,
it's a start, isn't it? We
knew we had the best deal on
offer, and we took it for all
it was worth, but because what's
is gone,
we will have to decide
what kind of last-ditch
play is going to work

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