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but aren't they all random?

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Your shining whores, your reality shows,
your hallowed arenas, your CEOs,
your church-packing zealots and atheists,
racing each other to apocalypse -
your banks overstuffed with digital blips
in currencies running from black to red
to zip. Oh, hush: the exchange rate is fine.
We've bought up 1 billion rounds of 9
millimeter for miles,
and metric tons of lead. Pretty much
all we'll need, this one
last switch! Instead of our antique
GDP base, it's this:

The ammo standard.

Sure to make for a stable
dollar to increase the take
and grow the pie. Gold's romantic,
sure, and those domestic products
and quotients? And formulas galore,
economer's stones and potions - they
were pretty creative, and served their
place, purpose and time. But by and by,
and buy: it's time to base
capital on something more.
meaningful. Ammo!

A truly convertible currency,
and a sign your government is investing deeply

in your immediate future.

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