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but aren't they all random?

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

the second thickest ice


With a power that belies our deceptive grace,
we vault via breathtaking triple-lutz
into first place - on points,
and for style,
just prior

to a technical disqualification for skating naked.

Well, for goodness and gracious sakes! We have always
been in training, making
for the finals
for some impersonal best world record - maybe,
I say maybe,
we should shoot for something more. Forget
the Games, the record, let's break it

I will steal gold
if you distract China,
we can totally make it.

We have no drugs.
Performance-enhancing or otherwise - the others
can't compete against us, but

how 'bout we let them catch up,
if they will agree to split the score?

Hey what is this stuff?

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