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Sunday, January 20, 2013

"as sweetness fails"

I want to tell you something sweetly, because
maybe mistakenly, maybe not I perceive you
could use a little sweetness right now, and
maybe mistakenly, maybe not, I believe I have
some to give out - but most of all, because
you're pretty much the second-most important
thing a guy could ever want. Look, I know
I kind of fucked it up right there, didn't I?
Already. I should have called you definitely,
not pretty much. And first-most, not second.
And..."thing?" Come on. But who cares?
You and me aren't playing those
kinds of games. Are we? Can we?

No, no, we already squared that away,
or perhaps, straightened it out, but I
still think you're close to the most
together person that I've ever come across.
Destined for great and stupid things!
Without a doubt. Ugh, this just gets
better, huh? How sweet was that supposed
to be? "Stupid things," anyway,
I've never been good at being sweet,
but sometimes I've been good enough.

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