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Thursday, January 10, 2013

harmless, I swear! Pt.2

In general,
I find

I am forced to disagree
on principle
anytime anyone ever says to me
that the right way to proceed,
the right way to be
is to shy away

from doing with an open heart, and good will
any well-meant thing
based purely on a worry as to how it could be
As to how, I mean, that it could be perceived.


that's just me!

I will disagree
every time on such principle. Probably
vocally, with something unprintable. All
those who

- without cause
(and oh, they are all
without cause),
put insult in
so as to read insult out of any thing


that I may kick about,
that I mean to do - will find
their tender tootsies crushed
or, at the very least,
mussed under
the loving tread of my unstoppable,

It beeps as it backs up! Look, cute!

Real juggernauts

never back up.

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