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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another brick?

Anyone who uses their poetry
(or their work of any kind!
- from paint to words
to architecture, from songs
sung loud, to wine made
with love, to be drunk
delightfully) as a means
to construct a statement -

a unified statement,

not merely an oeuvre
of poor works and masterpieces,
exploring many techniques and modes
and collected under one - name -
(the artist's) (which hardly matters),
not merely a body of work, but a body
that works to establish some particular
point, or constellation of points
with definite lines drawn between
in some conceived shape, a body that - strikes
a particular attitude, that adopts
or enforces a pose, or aligns all its parts
as into one thing -

to illustrate or embody a theory,
a theme,
a manifesto
something unified.

- anyone who uses each work
as a brick in that wall, towards some
overarching construct

a vision

a purpose

a statement

and every piece of work they ever created,
or cared to make
every piece which they do not now repudiate,
every notion
that crossed their heart or bothered their mind
to get out into the world, as a thing defined
and concrete - every piece of work was
- if not conceived, then executed at least
with intent to do

that very thing

that very important thing

that the arch-artist felt should overrule,
archly, overarchingly, over all other possible
approaches or statements, diametrically opposed or
merely incompatible, merely in contrast to -

Well. Well and good, if they do. Anyone
who can find it within them
to use all their work to that kind of
great, in some sense
purpose -

is a better art theoretical practitioner than I.

And that's saying something.

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