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Thursday, January 10, 2013

answer track

I'M TALKINBOUT! Boo yah! Boo yah, in my face, right here

in the place to be
and in the place to feel up fear,
tweak terror's tits, slap dread's ass and call
Calvin's too-cool normalcy
ever-so-slightly queer! RIGHT HERE
is the pride parade, get my freak flag in gear
kick the door through the wall, and walk

- cancel the rave.

This is a RAID!

everybody on the dance floor step this way,
duck yo' head
GETinTHE BACKofTHE VAN! and slam
that shit. I am with
the police.
the police are
here! And I am with
them. I
am a police officer.
no priest, no minister no last


Your mirandas are these:
We know all about the hoax, the scam -
all we want to know
is who put you up to it? Please,

don't throw your life away, son.

Who put you up to this?

Some of your friends
have already been taken downtown
in the paddy-wagon.

Just come,
along clean.

we'll give you the same deal
we gave the others - no tricks, no
twists, no M. dark nights
of the shamma-lamma-ding-dong
meanings switched, behind the scene via sleight of
ass, sad songs, endings turned around and played
a little too pat too fast suddenly, supposedly
uplifting, so-called -

come on! Party on, Bruce
and Wayne, and
Garth, you
and your Darth

just got burned, and mauled.

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