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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

1 Weird Trick

this 1 weird trick
- discovered by a mom
who scientists ALL HATE -
proves if you drive
less than ten miles a day,
you are being ripped off -

robbed blind, by fate
- insurance companies
CAN'T STAND this 1 weird
trick, you'll see
the President
declares how to write off
your student loans for free!
and finance first or second homes

with this historic mortgage rate.
The government does not want you
to know. They know about AND HATE
this 1 weird trick. Act now, until
it is too late.

To use this 1 weird trick -
it works from home!
to fix,
to roll in wealth,
to shine your teeth brand new and white
to make your tits stand up and bounce
or penis, if that's what you've got

this 1 weird trick is just the stunt!

a couple clicks, a small amount
- sign up, we'll tell you what
you want.

this 1 weird trick

works every time:

Delude yourself
that secret magic
fairy dust, and inside tricks
provide the difference between
you, and all the trusting dupes
and fools who seem so happy with
a life whose kisses leave you sick
and feeling stupider, each time, each
sign you
that tells
you you've been tricked.
this 1 weird trick,

works every time.

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