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but aren't they all random?

Friday, November 13, 2009

take the river home

the long way back,
would be the trail
it's nice at night
but if you're smart -
on a night like this,
with the moon half out
playing house with clouds
while the trees make sounds
imitating birds that don't even come
this far South,

you'll take the river home
take the river home
the river home

don't look back to the land
with a river this wide,
you can close your eyes
lay back on the rounded
lincoln-log planks
of the raft I made
with my own two hands
that I won't need back

no I know, my friend
we won't see you back
but remember us, dear
feel just a little lack
in your life, as you
don't look back

years from now, you
will push off from land
on a raft you built
with your own two hands

but for now my love,
you'll take the river home
take the river home
the river home

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