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Thursday, April 11, 2013

more unsolicited, mind-boggling, well-meant advice from the apparently sincere sexist next to you at a going-away party

friend, I mean
there's a lot of pussy in this world
and if you don't stick your dick
in your share of it, that means
some other dick is getting stuck
in your share of pussy.

Because women of the world
are apportioned all up into shares
for the world's men's cocks to fuck,
and sure - some women choose
to remove themselves from the equation,
which just goes to reduce
the overall size of the pie.
But we honor that! Men,
we honor it.

Which is bad enough, to reduce the supply
of what's good to go around, but son,
if you take your bid off the table,
then all the other hungrier ones of us
men - we're going to snap it up. Fill
the gap you left to us. I won't lie
to you man - I know I will. You might
as well dive in - that pussy is going
to get fucked regardless! You see
that girl? Yeah, you see what I'm
talking about! Turned me down. Yeah,
I know. But see, that's why it's ok,
too - I know who's got my back. With her?
Eyes shooting fire and that ass? Every man
's got my back, or will try. She'll get hers

and like it, not all dudes
are to all women's taste, and
that's a mystery we try to honor,
too, as part of our code. We help each other
out, to reach that potential all together
and for the sake of the beautiful goal. The goal
which really wants so badly to be met. Yes, it's
is for her sake too, dude. You think there's
any other story being told, all over the world?
Sure, from the other side maybe, but her side
and mine, same story. You're a character
got to put yourself out there, get next
to the plot and put yourself in
the game there, son. Your side is
counting on you, you've got our half
of the chromosomes under lock and key
and bursting to get free, and man
you know where all this goes.

Go ahead man.

Go talk to her.

Don't try sports, though. Just a tip

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