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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Purpose of Joy

The purpose of dancing
is first: to enjoy the music.
The beat, when the music
is good - throw yourself,
with abandon! This music
is yours, your life
is the music you dance to:
a choice.
The purpose of music
is to reach and enjoy
the soul. Is there
anything else that can reach?
In a room emptied out, in a crowd
struck dumb, every one
there at once,
all at once
is one

The purpose of the sun
is to set fire to skies
from a million miles off
reminding your eyes twice a day
if you look: there is more to light
than finding your way;
a purpose to life.
The purpose of love is
to enjoy the other:
a music you have never
heard, to dance, throw yourself
with abandon, to give
is to lose - your self, your
life in the one you choose,
and who chooses you.

For she is the music,
or he is the beat,
the sun as it rides
overhead, then sets
and will rise again.
For tonight - just dance
to enjoy what is yours,
given free, complete.
To enjoy what is mine,
given free, given all,
in a universe split
between us, made whole,
made one, made ours.

To explore for a life
what the other can see
beneath these lucky stars

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