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Thursday, April 11, 2013

quoth the hatter, madly

You and I
are legendary lovers. But
should we therefore doubt our love? Is
the stuff of legend
substantial enough?

I think not
to the first question, and to the second,
So very so.

For the foundations of legend
stretch down deep, deeper
down through the mists of mere myths to strike
a substrate of bedrock,
a sweet truth

that underlies us all,

singing lullabies
that lull and soothe
us to sleep,
to sleep -
to a dream
we know is true,

because falling asleep to it is like
waking up to you.

You, love,
are the real

I've waited on dreams
my whole life, only to find
a better waking than dreams
could wish!
An innocence that's bliss
to wake up with
- to wake up to. You
and me.

I meets thee.

The eternal story.

The stuff of legend.


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