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Friday, February 20, 2009

We two were meant for things we'll never do

We two were meant for things we'll never do
meant for being thrown together
like we never were
together, like our lives never were
like we never were complete,
although, we never felt alone
as if somehow we'd always known
we'd end up meant to be

For God so loved us both
that he sent his only son
just to be our chaperone

now sometimes we both wonder
the same thing, at
the same time
but you can't see it in my eyes,
- blinded by distance -
and all I'm left with is a hunch.
I bet you've had the very same one.
And that's a pretty good bet, but
we'll never shake on it

In some fantasy afterlife,
our various ancestral clans
place salacious bets, looking down
fully expecting us to get
and they know it's a lock
But it's one we can't pick,
can we?

maybe with some mysterious assist:
- God rubs the dice on his sleeve,
hooting with faux disapproval
as rakish angels with cocked halos
savor our fall from grace

it could happen

you could end up meant for me

wake up! open your eyes: you moron,
you could still end up meant for me

we two were meant to wake up
to open our eyes
to make use of ourselves

I suppose it's no use
to continue in this vein
(though miraculous epiphanies
can happen at any time, of course).
And yes - a miracle can happen,
even after you have given up on it.
but it's no use looking at your watch.

we two were meant to wake up
to open our eyes
to see

At some point you have to
wake up, open your eyes, and see.

you know, a dream that never comes true
can still be true

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