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Friday, February 20, 2009

The End Needs A Little Work

My day is gray
and dim and drear
inside my head
without you dear
even though outside
the sun is brilliant,
bright and cruel

I look around
inside my mind
from memories
to future times
cherished moments, future hopes
unsure - but no less true

the sky clears out
inside my head
the clouds dissolve
from white to red
the sunset bursts
the light regains
its color and its glow

I see you here
inside my mind
you smile
and the knots unwind
the tension clears
my thoughts stretch out
to punch you in the fucking mouth

aw hell no! Wait, you know
I'd never hit a lover, I just, you know
sometimes you get mad
towards the end of a poem
when it doesn't work out

I don't have to describe
knows that pain

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