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Friday, February 20, 2009

sunset / coming to earth

The glint in your eyes sets the sky on fire
I watch as the red golden light from your eyes
catches flame, travels back up the sun's warm rays
'til the sky burns - blushing from your beautiful gaze

As the plane tilts in towards the falling sun
as the wings throw their glare through the round window
as we drop like a graceful stone towards the ground
I drink in your glow, and the light turns rose

I know that you aren't the cause of it all,
that science decrees it's the sun makes the light
but if science were here, in the air next to you
it would judge twixt the two, and declare you more bright

We are hung up like stars, suspended like clouds
our lives lie awaiting us down on the ground
we could peer out the window and see them almost
so tiny and far, like the ghosts of a ghost

but we'll step back into them and bring them to life
once we get back to earth, leaving heaven behind
and it has been a heaven - to be by your side
and to wish on your kisses, and dream in your eyes

you and I and the sun are alone in the air
the three of us sinking, so steadily down
when we reach steady ground, you and I will get out
and step back into earth, leaving heaven behind

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