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Friday, February 20, 2009

Every now and then a noose

Every now and then a noose
slips from the sky and strangles a guy
right before he can say the three
most important words of his life.

Now, when that happens - as his feet
kick out sideways and he's lifted
hovering a foot off the earth,
twisting, trying to make gurking noises
("gurk! gurk!") eyes bugging out,
neck straining, head back unable
to see the rope, to see what it's attached to -
what is going through his mind? Is it

"Oh no - no! Not now! I did not get
the chance to tell her: 'I love you'?"

Fuck no. It's "Get this fucking noose
off me!" I mean, let's be real here:
Love is a luxury you can only pause
to consider
when you're not in the process
of bring being choked to death

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