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but aren't they all random?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

to encouragement!!

Dear with a hard way! Please
stop and love where you are.
When a new beginnings - pain is true
and for all! Nobody works - each and
everybody, a fear and a sudden come!
So take eyes for the road ahead it
is not GO. The time is yet. It is not
now, so don't ask it! Yourself can see,

there things are, waiting and blocking - not with your eyes
can you push through.

Put your mouth up please.
For with heart is true, your plan
comes up with itself! Sky will tear
holes through clouds. With deep thrust
of lungs, believe in a waiting moment.

Trust the time it is.
Don't seek with magic answers,
the promise from mister easy
- always there is a promise behind every
devil! But when time sings you will
join out shouting, because the tune you know
its heart!

It counts beats to five, your dancing boots

It is the promise. BELIEVE THE CHANCE until
it presents!! PLEASE

Start not crying!

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