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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The fool takes wisdom

The fool sucks wisdom's
dick all life long, only to
- when the moment comes
turn head, and spit

But the wise man takes
wisdom's cock up the ass
hard, all night every night -
teeth gritted, sweat slipping
from the corded tendons of his neck,
saying to himself "holy fuck thank god
this is only a metaphor!"


dogimo said...

OK, I really should apologize for some of these. What sort of a puerile joke of a poem is this? And isn't this at least the second time I've had a character in a poem console themselves to what's happening by saying "whew, it's only just a metaphor"?

Feels like I've used that trick before, albeit, the metaphor wasn't buggery. I don't think.

I wonder what it could have been.

Anyway! I kind of like this poem. It's just a bit of fun light verse! With a moral, perhaps. "Don't think too much about metaphors."

Or maybe, "Don't immerse yourself too thoroughly in the metaphor."

Hm. Maybe there isn't a moral. Perhaps it stands on its own.

dogimo said...

You know what? Apology revoked, I like this one. It's very visceral, very graphic and in a way, it equates dumbdown middlebrow machoamericano self-reliant hard-nosed heteronormative conformist mores' distaste for concepts and virtues as ephemeral as wisdom to the equally strident culturally stereotypical distaste for he-on-he penising. Homophobia as a metaphor for philosophobia, or I guess, phobosophy. Point is, the first guy is clearly a fool, because if you're going to do that your whole life then what was it for? What were you going for? Meanwhile the second guy, he's clearly got it pretty tough - it doesn't seem like he's doing this for enjoyment, but he's a wise man, so he believes that getting buggered by wisdom is going to result in some kind of epiphany, maybe. And then the epiphany comes! Hey, this is just a metaphor! Wisdom is an immaterial concept, it hasn't got a penis to ream me with!

See, for what seemed pretty puerile at first, as you can see this one was actually pretty thought-provoking.

Now I'll open it up for discussion. Question one: Is "buggery" offensive?