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Saturday, September 14, 2013

a warning

There can be no through,
not if your truth stops halfway.

Can you get to the other side
and leave your self behind?

Who will you be, when you get there then?
Hold yourself hard! Let go burdens

if you must. Drop grudges, certainly!
Lose even your way, but hold to you

- so that when you have finally
climbed out onto wide places,
with paths wending for miles before you
in all directions, you will find yourself,
there: ready.

A clear head,
with which to choose a path.
Sure feet,
with which to walk it, and when
you reach some home, a heart to offer
in love, and to hope
and hopefully - to rest in contentment.

But if you have left your self
and your truth behind half-way,
broken into shards to cut some foe,
beaten flat in the hammering of some point
you had to prove, or buried - buried deep, hidden,
to be safe!...if you have lost your truth
and your self, along the way

- whose home can you ever hope to find?
Though you enter into it, it will not be yours,

and neither will you.

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