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Saturday, May 25, 2013

To jihad, a hijink

I hope you are not at war with me!
Though in God's name, we disagree
- yet God agrees with God, you'll find.

Our trouble lies in troubled mind

and tribal strife: divide and conk
each Other on the head, and kick
each Other in the tail. The Other:
not like us, disgusting! Ick!

The enemy of all prevails, until
we love our enemies. The Other
won't believe or do or love like us,
so as we please we call it:
less than human. And deserving
every bad it gets.

We call down God to take our side,
to say we're right, to settle bets.
I say such judgment's premature.
I do believe God will decide
what each one gets. Or who's most pure,
if that's a big concern. It's not

my call. Although I have a few
of my own strong ideas, as to right
and what is wrong. Don't you?

Let's talk on these! With open
eyes, and valuing the other's self.
Oh sure, we'll give each other heck
on points we must insist and sell.
But I will not damn you to hell,
and I will not condemn your life.

I do not judge you worse and wrong,
and worth some death my team deals out.
Those who deal death aren't on my team.
I know who'll judge, and it's not them.
I know who'll judge, and it's not me.

I still believe our strongest call
is that we love the other side.
So what if there are human beings
wrong in their belief or guess?
If we know better than some wretch,
how shall we treat the least of these?

As enemies: and
love them, do.

Peace on earth.
Good will to you.

And God bless paths
you trod upon. Keep looking

left, and right
and wrong.

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