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but aren't they all random?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Throw words my way

Throw words my way
straight, with a curve
to the pitch and roll
of their arc and yaw
they will stick stuck fast
in the target, at best
whether bullseye or wall
if you know how to throw at all
they will stick, stuck fast
with a point
make a hole
with a good solid thunk
as the word strikes
or as words clatter, off
struck the metal wire line
that divides black from white
they rebound back, fall
to the beer-sticky floor
so the thrower steps,
stoops, bent forward
and laughs
half gathering up
half fumbling
all those heavy, pointed words
watch your fingers!
ouch hurts
suck a punctured
as you straighten up
fumbling with math
as your eyes play upon
the enigmatic target board
the concentric-circle scores
as you count up where your words
scored another few points

it's a close game

who's winning?

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