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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rehearsing This Speech Forever

He's been rehearsing this speech forever -
"The only advice I have to give you is never,

Never give up on your dreams. So many times,
as I went through the valley of the shadow
my life had become, I threw hope aside,
and gave up on myself. But something
always came back to me. All the people,
famous and admired, the only advice
they could ever give me was this: Never

give up, and never turn your back
on your dreams. And as I sat there
squinting at the television, I made that
decision. I made that leap, I took that
advice to heart and I kept it to heart, I kept
that advice, and I learned to persevere and
to try twice as hard, and

I believed in myself and now look

look where I am




he stopped rehearsing.

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