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Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Need Somebody ~ or ~ Rumble at the Jahva House

I need somebody
on the bongos sometimes,
to go with this latte and my overall chill
it's turtleneck weather in my soul
though no dark night, no
but the hard bright high
of noon will throw
harsh glare everywhere,
on top of black shadows
as my eyes throw smoldering coals.

In your direction.

- and in your direction:
I can see, there you are
you're even cooler than you are
and it rolls off my tongue
'cause I've caught your name,
just once. And I haven't let go
though I haven't really tried
why, you daughter of a hound
you quit yappin' around
at the bad moon I was born under last night
And sometimes you wonder:
was it better to wonder, or to know?
And sometimes you don't.
And sometimes, you know

But we consider contact
and we eye contact
and we both blink first
from across the moat
that divides this space
which is walled with books
stacked like close-packed bricks
set with coffee stains.

And we each choose one
- we deliberate,
and we're fine with what we get,
but we didn't take pains.

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