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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

low camp

Only because it's important,
for you to know always,
I've got the galoshes.

Just so you know. I neither camp,
nor trip, at least by preference, but
I'm going to bring those. Just in case!
I will always be barely prepared enough,
to be laid gently down, had
my hopes gone up.

I've been there before. I go back every summer

Because once
in a while,
and I don't know
if this holds still or not,
but I heard someone who looked,
like you,
a lot.

Like you.

I heard her say: Even when and where
I least expect, even on the high, desert

Yeah, if you ask,
any time you do, do you know -

"do you want to dance?"

Well, that depends. The answer is yes.
Do you need to stay dry, or would you
like a drink? and to go where we go, perchance
to dream? Because, you know.

I can make it rain.

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