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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

True Love, or Its Seeming

When love taunts our dreams, and toys with our minds,
with sudden bright hope of those fairytale schemes,
when love comes to devil our consciences fine -
we all do our best, at least some of us seem
to seek where the fairest and truest ways lie.
To treat one's love truly, and fairly, and sweet
in the middle of clench and of clash and of heat!
From retreat to advance, we all learn what demands
we can lay on our love, and what we can dare ask.

We learn what to give of ourselves, each to keep
- we learn terror, in thinking we've been made a fool!
But with worst proven wrong, we learn blessed relief
- to believe, for a time, we were not just a tool.
After trials, stubbed toes and miraculous gaffes
after many false starts, and too many false fronts
if we're lucky enough, we learn might with a laugh
- see it's possible, sometimes
to meet needs with wants.
To meet fears with trust, wake from uneasy dream -
to where love lets us be

the finale of seem

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