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but aren't they all random?

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Listen, there's only one thing
about me
that I need to tell you, that
you need to know, and that's
Love is the steer by which I
shine my white sails in the night
ghosting across those smooth waters
love is the hard oar
I dip into my rippling wake
to steady and direct my course
love is the faith and the compass
that gets me through, when the waves rise
riding right up around, about to come crashing down
and I start hot-dogging my boat around like a mogul run
hollerin' YEE-HAW a lot, to chase the terrors off
then when I break through to smooth waters
and make toward the dim distant light
at the end of your dock
love is the fait and the accompli
it was won before I started off
we were one, before we even counted
to make sure
and now, I'm just gliding forward

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