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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love and Chains

This love and chains, take them off of me
I get love letters in the mail, sent to my attention:
"Resident," and I know someone out there loves me,
even if I don't know how to signal her back
And she's flying across the attic at night
scattering stars among the beams of light

These chains and this love, it's bound to some
big bunky ideal in the back of a truck
tied with bungee wire, with a red flag flapping
saying "hey keep back, this thing could snap - "

Yes I have a highway love permit officer
I will show it to you if you show me yours
alright, that's it, out of the car
and we all do the stance, the interpretive dance

always glad to be here at the drunk tank lockup,
always an appreciative crowd, thank you
I'd like to say hey give yourselves a hand now
you know you didn't have to come out and be here, tonight
but I appreciate you taking the trouble, take a bow

So I was looking at a product label the other day,
and I was flying in an airport bar, what is it
with these commercials for brick walls and spotlights?
these little things are funny because they are so not true

and now, a song, I think a
song. Perhaps someone from
the audience has a request?
Ah yes, I know that one.

Mi mi mi mi mi:

"Shut the fuck up, my lover
shut the fuck up, my love
you've wearied my ears from hearing too much
I'll weary your mouth, if you don't shut up"

Thank you thank you, for our next act,
a violence exhibition from Rocco and T-Bone, here,
local boys, they'll be practicing on a dummy,
yes, yours truly you guessed it.

Okay I'm done.

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