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but aren't they all random?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the revolution, televised

the revolution, televised -
another bloody repeat, why?

another boring old rerun
we've seen this one!
we've seen this one

some same old blood and tears
and flames, some same old cries
and outraged tone

self-righteous prat stands
up for all, to tell us all
our time has come

what good we have is
done, will die
our blood will spill,
our heads will roll

oh, are you going to bring
us down? Society and all?
how droll

go fuck your smug self-
righteous self. Has
revolution come at last?
Go change your pants

yes, yes we know

against the wall?
don't tease me, bro

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

play outside

let's kill the world by leaps and bounds
we'll jump on shrinking plots of soil
and slam our heels in, dig and grind
'til all that grows is crushed and spoiled
that green sweet juice sticks to our heels
we'll wash our boots off, sterile cleansed
and play in spotless stone and sand
with nothing left to muss our hands
until the end, until the end

hate voicemail

I hate leaving voicemails
I never know what to say

Signing off, by mistake
I almost said "I love you"

it would have been a complete
mistake! Needless to say

the only reason I didn't slip
was that I was talking in my
"professional voice" - which
would have sounded ridiculous

to say "I love you" at the end
of a message like that, all clipped

thank God, I guess. Thank

God, how awkward would that
have been? As if you needed
to hear that! As if you need
to hear that, to


a bullet dodged, as I hang up
I'm shaken up, as if just because
I almost said it, it's that much more
true, and then I was

a little less over you
than I was

Thursday, March 25, 2010

the trouble-shooter

some son of a bitch
better watch his back
when I come round
taking notes, taking
names, calling its
as I see them, playing
lies as they're laid
I wear my heart on my
sleeve, but I call it
a spade

'cause its black, and
it beats upside-down
with a tail. So it looks
like a spade, you could see
very well what I mean
when I say: "I'm a pretty
bad man," well, I'm pretty
at least.

I will take what I can.

Monday, March 22, 2010

cute enough

This world cares not at all for us.
We're cute, I guess, until we're crushed.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

elusive or illusive?

The difference between elusive
and illusive
can only be discovered if
you finally can catch
the damn thing

then see

if your fingers go right through

Thursday, March 18, 2010

ever since

And ever since
the story was told,
the book snapped shut, the bookmark
to the cold floor, this book

need never be marked any more

We both looked up: the ending
known. No spoilers left, no twists
to unexpect

I could've sworn
the story would've gone the other way.

I guess it's okay, expectations
can dash
far, far ahead

to the happy ending, while all the while
the story was never going to go

that way,
that far, that

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

some poetry

some poetry
finds a way to express
some bullshit you meant
once, and now can't forget
do you still mean it now?
without that time and place?
now that it isn't staring you
right in the face, or wrong
in the face, well

you had your chance
to say everything,

And you did.

did it make
any difference? Hell,
did you expect it to?

No. Probably not
but those words you meant
so much, once



be forgot.

Some poetry.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Found Poetry Comment Spam: from the Korean (same character set)

Adult sexual intercourse
characteristic dissolute Wednesday
chromatic 18 naked bodies

Found Poetry Comment Spam: from the Japanese (same character set)

Adult bareness hitting
hitting javelin hitting
flying machine
large milk large

actress large
??? sexual intercourse
eros dissolute
??? desire ???
??? ??? lady
??? younger sister
??? ??? ??? water
??? woman feeling desire
color ??? love limit
system class wave ???

oral intersection
18 prohibition ??? ???
??? true apparent
??? support intersection
dew ??? blast milk
tide blowing nude


Found Poetry Comment Spam: from the Chinese

The adult entire bare
hits the artillery to fire
a pistol hits the airplane

great breast great milk
female superior
big milk sexual
intercourse sexual
affection lascivious
obscene desire promiscuous

immoral woman

obscene younger sister
to call obscene Shui Yin
the female passion sentiment
color to make love obscenely

the limiting stage wave tyrant
fellatio 18 to endure
pastes the chart portrait video
help to hand over
the dew point to explode
the young tide to blow naked

Monday, March 15, 2010

fall forward

the leaves of autumn dream of green
of summer glories, and of spring
but soon enough they'll fall to ground
- as they lie crumbling withered, brown
to winter's gray and frigid cold
their dreams will die in red and gold

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

but still

Silence comes to each but once,
when heart grows still and breath abates.
For all its jangling needs and wants,
the mouth shuts up, and waits, and

Friday, March 05, 2010


we kissed
lips, instruments so tentative

tongues as cautious as words
spoken before the leap
we took it

from a standing start
and landed at a run,

pulses, paces,
pushed from full rest
to an aerobic target rate
subject appears flushed
it's to be expected
pupil dilation normal
saliva normal
breathing, heightened
- within expected parameters
wait, there's something
strange here - something's
off the charts! and we can't
identify it

What the hell was that?

some kind of spike, surge
- no single system, it was
- it was across the entire
- remarkable! never seen
- I think it fried the board
no, wait, everything's operational

what does it mean? a result
like that could change
our entire understanding

- can we get a fix on it?
is it repeatable?


we'll have to try. Let's
run this again. This is
not a test, I repeat, this
is not a test.



Wednesday, March 03, 2010

it's nice to have someone

it's nice to have someone
you can't relate to at all
it's nice to have someone
who can't relate to you
it's nice to have someone
to tell you what the hell is wrong with you
or rather: "what the hell is wrong with you?"
but it's still not a question

it's nice to have someone
to question anything you think
it's nice to have someone
who'll say you could have been something
it's nice to have someone
who'll helpfully point out where you went wrong
it's awful nice
it's really nice to have someone

being alone is kind of nice too
just being alone, being your own world
and looking around, and wondering if you'll do

but when you've got somewhere to go together
it's nice to have someone
you don't want to show up alone
it's nice to have someone
you'd rather say 'yes' to that question
it's nice to have someone
it's really nice
it's awful nice to have someone